Layla's Newborn Photos in Levittown

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Layla's Newborn Photos | November 19th, 2015

Levittown, PA

Bobby and I love our nieces and nephews so much. They are some of our favorite people in the world. For the past several years, we have been lucky enough to have a baseball team's worth: 7 kiddos on my side, 2 on Bobby's. But, that changed this October, when Little Layla was born. Number 10! Our 7th niece. 

She is such a treasure!

One very rainy day, Bobby and I drive up to PA to spend the afternoon with this precious one and her mom, who is pretty fantastic herself. 

Newborn photography is its very own experience. It's not too often that we have to stop taking pictures when our subject suddenly decides to poop, or spit up. But, those moments only make it more of an adventure...and very entertaining. 

So happy for my sister-in-law Tonya, her husband Jerry, and Layla's sister, Alyssa, and brother, Gerard. Congratulations!!!

Welcome to the world Layla! So happy to have you in our family. 

Story By: Kolleen Kintz

Photos By: Bobby Kintz


my favorite little girl.
other than Lyss of course.
Aunt Kathy(non-registered)
So very precious! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift!
Beverly Serfass(non-registered)
So Beautiful! my God who would have know Robert would have grown up so talented! But the pictures I have seen! From day one of his Gift!! Have been fantastic!! From sun sets to still life to portraits! Fantastic
Joy Hite(non-registered)
I am so blessed to have a son and daughter-in-law who are so talented and captured the beauty and love my precious daughter and granddaughter. I cherish every picture.
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