Asheleigh & Tom's Wedding at Rust Manor House

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Asheleigh & Tom | September 12th, 2015

Rust Manor House | Leesburg, VA

Asheleigh and Tom are such a great couple. Thoughtful and sincere animal lovers, travelers, and beer drinkers. Our kind of people! Our first meeting turns into a proper hangout in Baltimore. Their engagement session is a blast, raising a glass at the vineyard and hiking Sugarloaf Mountain. Naturally, we were all very excited for September 12th. 

Their wedding unfolds at Rust Manor House, one of the NOVA Parks. We know this place well, and it is truly a lovely place to say "I Do." We photographed Megan & Kevin's wedding here in May. The nature is abundant, including two trees in front of the ceremony site that perfectly echo a bride and groom's silhouette.  

When September 12th comes the rain pours down....not what everyone had envisioned for the outdoor ceremony. The staff does a great job of preparing the rain plan, but something in me says it's going to clear up. The day reminds me of another special wedding that started with a rainy morning. It may sound cheesy, but my experience has often shown it true, "it's harder to untie a wet knot."

Wouldn't you know, the clouds part ways just in time for photos and the ceremony. And what a ceremony it is! This wedding is full of tears of joy and blissful romance. The flowers, the cake, the tent. Most of all, two people who are madly in love. 

So many, many of our clients share this deep connection. I am forever grateful. However, I do think you get what you give. We wish all of our clients a marriage as fulfilling as ours. I think these two are going to have a beautiful life together. 

Congratulations Ashe & Tom! 

Story By: Kolleen Kintz

Photos By: Bobby and Kolleen Kintz


Nora (Ashe's Mom)(non-registered)
You are such extraordinarily talented photographers as these photographs so eloquently show. It was such a privilege to meet you and I will be forever grateful for the blessings you brought to Ashe and Tom's wedding! More than your remarkable talent, your love for one another is a joy that is infectious and adds such a special dimension to your work. You are both so kind, gracious and absolutely dedicated to excellence! Thank you, thank you!
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