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Kim & Mike's Engagement | May 7th, 2018

Rock Creek Park | Washington, D.C.

One of my favorite things about spring is planning engagement sessions with our clients. The warm weather is perfect to go for a stroll and get to know two people before they make a life-long commitment to each other. I always tell them to enjoy being fiancés, because the engagement flies by.

We have a beautiful evening for photos with Kim & Mike at Rock Creek Park. The sun is shining through the newly green trees and lighting everything up, but not as much as Kim's smile! She lights right up when Mike makes her laugh.

This sweet couple has spent many years in love, and it has clearly only deepened their bond. My favorite part of the shoot is when they put on their Cookie Monster and Mario Bros t-shirts. It's so nice to see people relax and embrace who they are. These two are all about fun!

I can't wait for their wedding this fall...

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Love in Bloom at Meadowlark Botanical

Danielle & Shane's Engagement | April 29th, 2018

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens | Vienna, VA

Did you know Northern Virginia has an extensive regional park system? Bobby and I have been lucky to document more than 20 of the parks while working for NOVA Parks in the past. I was surprised to see such variety; ranging from waterparks, to golfing and boating, and historic battlefields. 

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens has always been one of my favorites. 

Enter Danielle and Shane! When Danielle suggested Meadowlark, I knew it would be a beautiful place to explore together. I was eager to get to know these two just days before they tied the knot. 

For a second when we arrived, I thought we were meeting Danielle and Tormund from Game of Thrones! Shane is a riot. He had the cameras snapping while he posed with his bride to be. I love seeing how much his playful nature makes Danielle laugh. After ambling through the dappled light and tip toeing through the tulips, it was time for him to do some pushups, clearly. 

What a great spring afternoon spent with two people in love! 

Congratulations Danielle & Shane!

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Humor and Romance at the Mill-Dye House

Jennifer & Sean's Wedding | February 17th, 2018

Mt. Washington Mill-Dye House | Baltimore, MD

I firmly believe that the couple who laughs together lasts forever. Jen and Sean have so much fun making each other laugh! Bobby and I have loved every second of getting to know them.

The engagement session at Rock Creek Park included their two dogs, who are fantastic. This creative couple took photos from that shoot and used them to design labels for bottles of beer, which they brewed, and gave out as wedding favors! I love that kind of personal touch and this wedding at the Mt. Washington Mill-Dye House was full of gorgeous and hilarious details, like t-rex cake toppers!  

But most of all, I love a couple that doesn't let the stress or complications of a wedding day get them down. Jen & Sean's big day came with a very unexpected snowstorm, but they took it in stride. For these sweethearts the wedding was a chance to celebrate their romantic connection and be with the ones they love, nothing could get in the way of that.

I often find (perhaps from personal experience) that couples who share a friendship and sense of humor also share a deep love for one another. This was so evident in Jen and Sean's heartfelt first dance, one of my favorites ever! 

Once the formal portions of the evening had passed, this crew was ready PARTY. There was not a dull moment on the dance floor all night. What a fun wedding to document! 

Congratulations you two!!!


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Faith, True Love & Irish Dancing

Katie & Anthony's Wedding | February 3rd, 2018

Catholic University | Washington, D.C.

One of my favorite places to be is at a Kilner wedding. Their family has been with us through the years, and as our business has grown, so has our love for each and every one of them! 

This marks our 3rd Kilner wedding, starting with Michael & Angie, followed by Antoinette & James, plus many many family photo shoots. Needless to say, our excitement for Katie & Anthony's wedding was palpable! 

It is easy to feel spiritually connected when spending time with the Kilner family and their loved ones. Katie's brother, the recently ordained Father Bob Kilner, led the mass for the big day. I know this was extra special for the bride and groom who share a deep faith. 

Unlike the past Kilner weddings we've documented, these winter nuptials came with some frigid temps. But instead of missing the stunning light at dusk, Katie & Anthony wrapped each other up and brought on the romance! I love the way Anthony looks at his bride; he is such a kind and thoughtful groom. True love!

Great dancing is a staple at Kilner weddings. Bobby and I have seen Katie's Irish dancing skills, which are amazing! After her sisters and friends dance a planned performance, Katie joins them as a fun surprise and the guests LOVE it! Plus a bonus, everyone takes a quick Irish dance lesson with Katie's longtime teacher. 

What a fabulous celebration with some of the very best people! I am so happy for these newlyweds! 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Morris! xoxo

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Beaming at Bryn Mawr

Heidi & Richard's Engagement | March 11, 2018

Bryn Mawr College | Bryn Mawr, PA

 Bobby and I finally got to see the majesty of Bryn Mawr College in person! This day was a long time in the making.

Our connection to this women's liberal arts school dates back to 2015, when our first Bryn Mawr bride, Asheleigh, married Tom at Rust Manor House. After Asheleigh, Malorie was the next alumni we had the pleasure of photographing. Her 2016 wedding to Ted took place at the Key Bridge Marriott. Most recently was Julia, who brought us all the way to Seattle for her epic Pacific Northwest wedding to Chris!

This year is all about Heidi and Richard! I'm so excited for their November wedding. We've had the pleasure of getting to know Heidi as a guest and bridesmaid, but now it's her turn to say "I Do!"

It was wonderful to meet Richard and explore the campus with these fiancés. Heidi makes an excellent tour guide! We had a perfect day for it, albeit a bit cold. The fresh snowfall really amplified the beauty of the architecture. The stone work and archways are so beautiful!

With two more Bryn Mawr weddings scheduled for 2019, our connection to the school remains strong. Lots of lanterns and owls in our future! We are proud to be documenting the marriages of such wonderful individuals. 

Anassa kata, kalo kale,
Ia ia ia Nike,
Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr!

Congratulations you two!!! 

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A Snowfall for Sweeties at Patapsco

Brittany & Chad's Engagement | February 18th, 2018

Patapsco State Park | Ellicott City, MD

Sometimes this line of work makes me feel like I'm a meteorologist. Luckily, watching the weather has been one of my favorite things to do since I was a kid! #nerdalert 

The weekend of Brittany & Chad's engagement we were surprised by a heavy, wet snowfall on Saturday, after record high temps the day before. By Sunday afternoon, with the sun beating down, I feared we would be greeted by a muddy mess at Patapsco.

Instead, we find a winter wonderland! How lucky! The thick tree coverage miraculously preserved the snow, blanketing the ground and reflecting the afternoon sunshine. So romantic!!

I loved getting to spend this time with Brittany & Chad. Their kind and playful personalities were perfect for a winter adventure. The cold weather only had them snuggling more.

I can't wait for the good times to be had at this Main Street Ballroom wedding in November! Congratulations you two!!

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I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm at Airlie

Nicole & Mike's Wedding | January 6th, 2018

Airlie | Warrenton, VA

Airlie has become one of my favorite venues! Few other locations look this beautiful in the winter months. Nicole & Mike are lucky that their love burns bright, because it was SO COLD on their January wedding day! Despite single digit temps, these troopers wrapped each other up and made the most of Airlie's gorgeous photo spots. 

Mike and Nicole have been through a lot together, and it has only brought them closer. They share a deep love for Hudson, the little one in their lives, and have such a sweet family.  

Tears of joy were flowing during the afternoon ceremony, with touching vows exchanged between the bride and groom. The Pavilion looked dreamy for the evening reception. Bobby and I love collaborating with event planner, Amanda Smith, of White Pumpkin. It is so nice to see a couple watch their wedding come together just as they envisioned!

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!!! 

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Krusen to the Altar for the New Year

Kelly & Ryan's Wedding | December 30th, 2017

Old Hickory Golf Club | Woodbridge, VA

I love a holiday wedding, and thanks to Kelly & Ryan, I was recently introduced to New Years Eve Eve. It is my new favorite night for a holiday wedding! Everyone loves to make their own New Years plans, so why not kick the celebration off a day early with a December 30th wedding?!

That is exactly what these sweethearts did, and boy oh boy, what a fun party!

On the wedding day, Ryan looks so handsome in his Navy uniform. Kelly is stunning and her long veil makes quite an impression coming down the aisle during their Catholic Mass. I love seeing the glances these two share during the ceremony. They are so happy to be together, with Ryan having been away in training, and clearly soaking up every moment.  

After bundling up for some romantic photos in the snow, we head to Old Hickory Golf Club to get the celebration underway. I love seeing the Samoan traditional dancing from Ryan's family! The dance floor is packed with great tunes from DJ Derek, and our bride and groom are smiling ear to ear. 

Late night reinforcements arrive, in the form of pizza and champagne! Everyone gets their second wind for the balloon drop and more dancing, before sending off Kelly & Ryan in a sea of bubbles.  

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kruse!!!

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A Trixie Approved Engagement at Black Hills Regional

Kristi & Ashish's Engagement | January 21st, 2018

Black Hills Regional Park | Boyds, MD

There seems to be a theme running through our recent engagement sessions. Literally running through....on four legs! It's always a blast to get to meet our clients' furry friends and see how much they love them. 

Kristi & Ashish adore their puppy, Trixie. She not only stole the show at their winter engagement, but will also be a part of their wedding ceremony in the fall. How exciting!!!

After celebrating in India this spring, Kristi & Ashish will be having an American wedding at Linganore Winecellars, in October. I can't wait!

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Winter Wonderland at Antrim 1844

Amy & Paul's Wedding | December 15th, 2017

Antrim 1844 | Taneytown, MD

Here we go, time for our 3rd McIntire wedding! What a treat to get to celebrate time and again with such a wonderful family. First it was brother, Brian, then sister, Joanna. This time, it is Amy who says "I Do." I've always been struck by Amy's calm and cool demeanor. She is steadfast and ready to have fun at the drop of a hat. Her groom, Paul, shares many of these qualities. Our engagement shoot with them was one of the chillest in memory. 

It's easy to see that Amy & Paul love each other so much! They both share a genuine kindness and connection to family. I was very excited to celebrate this union.

The wedding day brings with it a gift from Mother Nature, in the form of one of the prettiest snowfalls I have seen! This light December snow appeared just in time for Amy and Paul's First Look, and sparkled all around them. The expression on their faces was priceless, as they walked through the winter wonderland.

Antrim 1844 set the stage for this holiday wedding, with festive decor throughout the estate. It was easy to feel the warmth of the "most wonderful time of the year"!

After Mr. & Mrs. Pestun made their marriage official, the party could barely wait to get started. I always love seeing this group on the dance floor, all 3 generations up on their feet, feeling that groove. And of course, the group singalong to everyone's favorite Cranberries song. 

What a treat to document this special day for Amy & Paul!!

Amy & Paul, we wish you a lifetime of love and laughter!!!

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What To Wear At Your Engagement Shoot

Getting engaged is a moment you will remember forever. Couples love sharing their proposal stories, retelling every detail and every feeling as he or she asked, "Will you marry me?" It goes without saying that your engagement photos ought to reflect your love and excitement, but how should you dress? Here is some friendly advice for what to wear during your engagement shoot.


Embrace "classic." Choose stylish and time-honored clothing to achieve the "classic look." Keep your photos timeless by avoiding atypical, short-term fashion trends that might risk making the photos look dated in few years. We recommend wearing clothes you love and feel like yourself in...your favorites are always best! 


Pick out 2 sets of clothing and change mid-way through your shoot. It looks great when you have one casual and one formal outfit. Change clothes as you change the background or backdrop. The change in clothes creates a different ambiance and provides more options for where and how you circulate your engagement photos. 


Wear complimentary outfits. A wardrobe that is well-put-together is accomplished with the intention to do so, and stays away from fashion mishaps. But when it comes to the engagement shoot, it's about more than being fashionable, because two of you are involved. Wear clothes that are stylistically similar to achieve the complimentary look. Wearing the same color shirt rarely looks good. Instead, wear colors and styles that compliment each other and are in the same palette. 


Match the setting or theme. If your engagement shoot is themed, such as photos at a sports stadium, it's good taste be clothed in the garb from your favorite team. Going for nautical? Wear your best crisp whites and navy blues. The lovely couple in the photo below are wearing colors that standout against the red and white background. Whatever your setting, dress to match.


Dress sharply from head to toe. Everything matters in a photo. Carefully consider the parts of your apparel you might not normally pay attention to, such as socks and shoes. When it comes to footwear, it's important to wear something you can walk around in throughout the photoshoot. You don't want to be thinking about your aching feet while trying to capture a romantic sunset kiss photo. But, if you can rock a heel like a champ, more power to you! 


Accessorize! This is solid advice for men and women. All the little details that come together to build the perfect outfit will also enrich your pictures. Think of this way, we can get extra creative with the shots if the accessories are available for featuring.


Glamorize the engagement ring. We've talked a lot clothes, but let's not forget about the hands. A his and hers manicure is a fun way to start the day before the shoot. For most couples the engagement begins with a ring and we love it when the ring shines amidst all the fashion. If you've opted for something less traditional, like a tattoo, we want to show that off too! 


Remember, be comfortable and be yourself. Clean clothes and a little forethought goes a long way towards dressing for success. Bobby and I want what's best for you and for you to be relaxed, and as always, to have a good time!

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Reunited at the Lincoln Memorial!

Kelly & Ryan's Engagement | December 22nd, 2017

Lincoln Memorial | Washington, D.C.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Kelly & Ryan's engagement truly personifies this notion. While Ryan is off in training with the U.S. Navy, Kelly is back in DC. Bobby and I know from experience how hard a long distance relationship can be.

When we meet for photos, it is nearly Christmas Day, and the feeling is festive! 

Kelly & Ryan walk up to us, grinning, and it's clear they are both so happy to be together. Ryan returned home the day before our session, about one week before the wedding. Let's just say there is very little coaching needed to get romantic photos.

The place is Lincoln Memorial, where Kelly tells me they used to visit for dates; to sit on the steps of the memorial and talk. How special to recreate this moment, knowing they will be saying "I Do" so soon.

This New Years wedding at Old Hickory Golf Club will be a day to remember!

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Eat, Drink, and be Barry at Bull Run Golf Club

Sarah & Chris's Wedding | October 22nd, 2017

Bull Run Golf Club | Haymarket, VA

Sarah teaches theatre and Chris is a small business owner....sounds a lot like another couple I know! Over the years I love to see who comes into our lives and asks us to document their special day. It seems yet again, the perfect clients have found us!

The big day at Bull Run is gorgeous, with that crisp autumn air. Thank goodness, since the groom made one request: that he not be hot! 

I love this couple's dramatic First Look at the front doors; Chris's face was priceless when he saw his bride. There is so much sweetness between these two, who have spent many years together...their love is undeniable. 

After a beautiful ceremony and picturesque sunset, Mr. and Mrs. Barry are ready to celebrate with their loved ones. Everyone is laughing when Sarah & Chris play the shoe game, with only occasional differences of opinion. 

It's very special to watch a couple on the dance floor on their wedding day. These sweethearts couldn't take their eyes off each other...

So happy for them!  

Congratulations you guys!!! 

Shout Out to our Fellow Vendors!

Bull Run Golf Club

Purple Onion Catering

Katie Noble - Coordinator

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Lovestruck at Glen Ellen Farm

Kailee & Kevin's Wedding Day | October 14th, 2017

Glen Ellen Farm | Ijamsville, MD

Every bride hopes for a beautiful sunset on her wedding day. But, Kailee was determined and started envisioning a golden sunset during her daily meditations. Once I heard that, I knew it was going to be an epic day! There is little that a positive attitude and true love cannot conquer. 

After a romantic engagement session on the farm, Bobby and I are more than ready for the wedding at Glen Ellen. These sweethearts share a teary first look, before eagerly taking their vows in front of loved ones. The excitement is palpable!

Kailee and Kevin can't help but exude their bliss. During the foretold sunset, which does not disappoint, these newlyweds are so tender and passionate together. When they aren't laughing with one another, they are dancing in the sunshine. 

Live bands always getting a party started quickly and so does a couple that loves to boogie! Mr. and Mrs. Perno whip around the dance-floor all night, surrounded by the magnetic energy of their family and friends. 

It makes me so happy to see a couple living their Best Day Ever!




Congratulations you two!!!

We couldn't do it without the amazing Vendor Team!

Glen Ellen Farm

Classic Occasions by Caitlin

Rouge Catering

BE Videography

Kentlands Flowers and Bows

Retrospect Band

On the Town Limousines 

Barnes Farm Tables 

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Near and Dear at Nationals Stadium

Emily & Mike's Engagement | December 14th, 2017

Nationals Stadium & The Navy Yards | Washington, D.C.

As a sports fan who lives walking distance to Camden Yards, I can appreciate the value of location in the city. Emily & Mike however, could throw a baseball at Nationals Park, since they live just across the street!

Bobby and I meet this delightful couple on a very cold day in the off season and chat about sports and city livin' while we take some pics by the stadium. 

After a quick change of clothes we head to the Navy Yards to catch the golden hour by the D.C. waterfront. Again, what a wonderful spot to have close to home! 

The temperature is dipping, but these sweethearts keep each other warm while we take photos. Their looks at one another are so dear, it is almost keeping me warm....almost! I love how much Emily and Mike laugh when they are together. It's going to a wonderful wedding this spring.

Congratulations you two!!!


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Raise a Glass to Love in Charm City

Sarah & Andy's Wedding | September 30th, 2017

Holy Cross Church & the American Visionary Art Museum | Baltimore, MD

I absolutely love a Baltimore wedding! There is something so enticing about Charm City's waterfront, especially when the weather is nice. On this warm day last fall, I felt ready for a good time, and Sarah and Andy's wedding did not disappoint!

When we first spoke with this couple they were working for Nestle, and living on the west coast. It was fun to talk about California, since Bobby and I lived there for several years. But ultimately, the focus was on Baltimore, where our bride and groom met. I was happy to hear they were planning a fun and casual wedding at my favorite nearby venue, the American Visionary Art Museum.

Before long, the big day is here, and wedding bells are ringing. Holy Cross Catholic Church in Federal Hill is a gorgeous place for the newlyweds to exchange vows. This beautiful relic was founded in 1858. 

We head up to Federal Hill Park for some celebratory jumping and romance in the sunset. But, we make sure to have these sweethearts back by our favorite mosaic wall in time for a happy hour cocktail! 

Sarah and Andy's carefree nature is apparent in the wedding plans. Catering stations from Rouge are a delicious way to feed guests a varied and casual menu. The dance floor is packed all night long, thanks to the musical stylings of The Rollex Band. The newlyweds forego tradition and opt for an ice cream and candy bar, instead of a cake. The action on the dance floor never skips a beat, but all that dancing makes folks hungry. 

A late night delivery of pizza, tops off the party. I love watching our bride and groom share a slice on the dance floor. This type of casual, but beautiful wedding is right up my alley. Hold the formalities and pass the pizza!

Congratulations you two!!! Wishing you all the best! 

Vendor Team:

American Visionary Art Museum 

Holy Cross Catholic Church

East Made Event Company

Rouge Catering

Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm

The Rollex Band

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Annapolis Romance with Kisses for Baby

Meredith & Brian's Engagement | November 10th, 2017

U.S. Naval Academy and Annapolis Waterfront | Maryland 

On this chilly day last November I was very excited to meet Meredith and Brian, and their new baby girl, Lennon. Bobby and I huddle inside the Visitors Center at the U.S. Naval Academy, keeping our hands warm while we wait.  I spy our bride and groom to-be coming through the doors outside, with Lennon, a tiny face under a pile of blankets. Those little cheeks would be getting red fast in this cold!

We quickly duck into Dalhgren Hall, which is such a beautiful space for indoor photos. Here, Lennon is much happier, and Mom and Dad can kiss her to their hearts' content. I love this kid's expressions!! Once Lennon starts with the yawns, Grandma takes her home for a nap while we explore the grounds with Meredith & Brian.

This couple clearly has tons of fun making each other laugh. They are so comfortable with one another and modestly joke that they aren't very photogenic. I think the results of this photoshoot prove otherwise!

As we head down to the Annapolis Waterfront, the sun is lighting up the sky with pink clouds. These new parents get to steal away for some romance. They keep each other warm and savor the moment while the sun sets behind them. I can't wait to have Meredith & Brian back in front of our cameras in the fall. 

Next time, they will husband and wife. How exciting!

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Candid & Carefree at Maryland Club

Jen & Matt's Wedding | September 16th, 2017

Maryland Club | Baltimore, MD 

I love to see a couple truly enjoy their wedding day. Unfortunately, lots of couples find that hard to do, with so many details and people to attend to. Bobby and I do everything we can to be there for our clients; hiring a stellar vendor team helps ease your mind on the wedding day. But ultimately, it is up to you to be present and cherish the moments of this day that flies by before you can say, "more cake please!"

When I look at Jen and Matt's faces in these photos, they are filled with joy and laughter. There is no question that fun was had on this emotional and exciting day!

These two are tough lawyers who love to play and have a good time with their family and friends. After a stunning ceremony at St. Ignatius, we hopped on a bus to take photos in the city. I was most excited about going to Graffiti Alley, our favorite place to take pictures in Baltimore. This was a perfect location for our bride and groom, who appreciated the vibrancy of a hidden gem. The wedding party even laughed it off after leaning on wet paint! Whoops....what a fun group!

Back at Maryland Club, the stage was set for a decadent night. Most notably, a chocolate buffet caught my eye! Jen & Matt's love of reading made for beautiful details like books on each table and paper flowers on the cake. The Maryland Club is a gorgeous space with a history dating back to 1857. The architecture and decor was very exciting, as was Bobby sneaking the bride and her maids onto the racquetball court for an end-of-the-night photo session!

My favorite thing about the day was watching the way Matt & Jen looked at one another...

Congratulations to the newlyweds and their families! We loved getting to document this beautiful union. 

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Wes Anderson Inspired Engagement at UMD

Melody & Forrest's Engagement | October 15th, 2017

University of Maryland College Park 

Bobby and I are always excited when a couple comes to us with creative ideas for a photoshoot. Melody and Forrest knew exactly what they wanted and the idea was twofold:

1. Evoke the films of Wes Anderson.

2. Tour the University of Maryland campus on the UM Shuttle, (a shuttle which both of these alums used to drive)

We were pumped, what a fun shoot premise! Bobby and I are huge Wes Anderson fans, in fact, both of our dogs are named after characters from The Life Aquatic (my personal favorite). 

We had a fantastic time exploring campus with these adventurers and sweethearts. I can't wait for their big day!!!

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2017's Memorable Moments

As we move into winter and end another fabulous year, we invite you to take a look at 2017's most memorable moments...

Our year kicked off with a bang when we headed to Seattle, Washington to meet Julia & Chris for their epic destination wedding at the Kiana Lodge. After they said "I Do," the four of us went on a grand adventure to hike in the Olympic National Forest. This timeless couple took my breath away as they clutched hands on the dock at Lake Crescent. So romantic! We made sure to get a shot of their duck boots and wedding garb combo, which seemed too quintessential a PNW photo to pass up. L.L. Bean apparently agreed and asked it they could feature the photo on their Instagram. How cool! 

In February 2018, we will begin our 6th year of business. We've met so many charming couples. Words fail to describe how fortunate we are to know so many incredible people. Our clients allow us a glimpse into their world as we all go on a creative journey together. Here's a tiny sample of 2017's wedding collaborations!

Over in Clown World, the other side of our life, things have been active! I have been working with Healthy Humor, as one of their Red Nose Docs. This amazing arts organization helps create moments of joy, wonder, laughter and comfort for hospitalized children. I'm so honored to be a part of the programs at Johns Hopkins and Children's National Medical Center. 

In April, Bobby and I helped host the annual DC fundraiser for Clowns Without Borders USA, Take Laughter with You. This benefit is a chance for families to enjoy an exciting night of performances while learning more about the important work of CWB. Save the date for next year's event: March 17, 2018!

(Thank you to our buddy, Rich Riggins, for taking the shots of Bobby and me performing together!)

Engagement sessions are so fun, because there truly is no format. Whenever a client has a cool idea, we are down to try it. Melody & Forrest came to us with a vision to embody the style of Wes Anderson's films while exploring their former campus of University of Maryland. Needless to say, we loved this idea. After all, our dogs are named after characters from The Life Aquatic

Speaking of dogs...lots of couples wanted to include Fido this year. Bringing your dog along on an engagement session is a great way to take the focus off yourself, if you're feeling less than eager about carrying all the attention. Also, it's a rare opportunity to have professional photos taken with your favorite furry friend. We had some real cuties join us this year! 
















As our favorite season, fall, rolled around, so did the family photo sessions. These are some of my favorite days, getting to run around with little ones, and document the sweetness that we catch in between rounds of tag. Or, slowing down to the pace of a newborn and enjoying that unmistakable baby smell. Take a look at these little loves!

Vermont is one of our favorite places in the world. Any time we can make it up to my grandmother's vacation home for a getaway, we do! It's sacred ground, since we were married there in the backyard, in 2012. This year we managed to grab over a week at my family's beloved, Little House. The time is all about being present and quiet in nature. We take hikes, catch sunsets, and sit by the fire. Bliss. 

We want to give a big shoutout to our employee, Tamara Palmer, whose communication wizardry and business acumen has helped lift us to new heights this year. Our Publications page has certainly seen a boost! Such a pleasure, working with someone we respect so much, and have a blast with. We love you T! 

The last notable update is that we have moved into a new home in Baltimore. We were so happy to find a cozy new row home to settle into, while still staying in the neighborhood we adore, Pigtown! We are enjoying real city living and can even hear the National Anthem being sung from Camden Yards. O! 

As we look to the year ahead and enjoy time with our family and friends, (and, of course, the Dachshunds!), we feel mighty grateful. 2017 has been good to us, and 2018 will be our busiest year to date. Bobby and I are so thankful for our clients, who inspire us, challenge us to grow as artists, and often, become our friends. This business we've built has a life of its own now, and you good people are a big part of what makes it special. Thank you so much! 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, 

Bobby & Kolleen Kintz






















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