Bride and groom embrace; groom leaning in for a kiss; lit sparklers twinkle in the foreground of the photo

Why We Do This

People say a lot of things about weddings and wedding photography. 

This is what we say:

Our wedding day was life-changing. Our marriage grows more heartfelt, fun, and full of adventure each year. We are simply and hopelessly in love.

We passionately believe in what we do, and in LOVE. It is vital to us and feeds our soul.

Photos By Kintz wedding photography is all about personal care.

When you hire us, you're letting us into your world to document your biggest moments. Getting you great photos is all about openness and connectivity. The connection we share with you, and you share with each other. Our gear and fancy lenses can do little to match that power. If you let us join your ride, we will be ready to catch every moment.

We will be there for you, for whatever you may need, because we care. 

Many of our clients become dear friends who we photograph throughout the years. We meet them as young love and watch their families grow. 

It is this intimate relationship that lets us document their lives, and your life, as a friend would: with love and care.

~ Bobby and Kolleen ~

Authentic photography inspired by love, travel, and YOU!

Kolleen and Bobby take an 'usie' or a selfie that includes the bride Kolleen and Bobby take an 'usie' or a selfie that includes the bride and groom