Meet Kolleen and Bobby Kintz


We believe in authenticity. In the style of our photography and in how we treat people. We promise to capture your beauty and romance, as well as your candidness and humor; all of your dynamic personality traits. We will give you photographs you want to share with the world, all while providing the highest quality product. Our "clients" quickly become new friends. We find ourselves laughing, crying tears of joy, and celebrating with them. It's an honor to document each person's story.


 We can't wait to get to know you! Here's a bit about us...


We are Bobby & Kolleen Kintz. We are married and share a long history of friendship, adventure, and laughter. I do the writing and most of the talking. Bobby is "the eye," gifted and playful behind the camera and flashing his winning smile. We live in Waitsfield, Vermont in the Mad River Valley. Our passion for life and photography is inspired by the people we work with, travel, music, and good food. When we aren't behind the cameras, we love to be cozy by the fire, outside exploring, or on a ROAD TRIP! 


Red brown dachshund basking in the sunlight poses for photo Blue dachshund basking in the sunlight poses for photo

Young Bobby Kintz poses with his school camera club   Bobby fell in love with photography at a young age. He started his first camera club over 20 years ago. That's him lounging, front center.

In his early twenties, he moved to Los Angeles to study film at The New York Film Academy before beginning his career in sports photography. 

But he didn't fall in love with wedding photography until he married me...


  The moment we said "I Do" we understood the absolute importance of documenting 'The Big Day'. Our wedding was very us: barefoot by a stream in VT, great food, and dancing under the stars. 



  We are professional clowns. No joke. We train in physical theater and circus arts, and even teach a summer camp every year! We perform original work and volunteer with Clowns Without Borders USA. CWB is a nonprofit that sends performers around the world to relieve suffering and share laughter with children living in conflict, violence, and where natural disasters strike. Kolleen also performs as a hospital clown at Johns Hopkins and Children's National Medical Center with Healthy Humor


Bobby and Kolleen, both members of Clowns Without Borders USA, together on a project in Haiti. Kolleen and Bobby perform with Clowns Without Borders for a crowd of several hundred children in Haiti.


About Kolleen

I love my husband immeasurably.

I believe dachshunds are a gift from the gods.

My happy place is at a bonfire with my guitar. 

I think our world undervalues kindness.

I dance like nobody's watching, even when they are.

My hospital clown name is Dr. Pickle.

I am very good at video games. 

I have found peace through daily meditation.

Meeting people from other cultures has made me who I am today.

  Portrait image of Kolleen Kintz, standing in front of metal fence, one hand in her pocket.
Portrait image of Bobby Kintz, on a hike, standing against large grey boulder with green trees and river in background.

About Bobby

I value being a good husband above everything else.

I am an identical twin.

I need time outdoors, it keeps me sane.

I love baseball and am fulfilling a childhood dream by living a mile from Camden Yards.

I do not function well without music.

My life got a little bit better when my handlebar mustache grew in.

I consider myself an observer of this world and its people.

I’m an old soul; the 70+ crowd gets me.

You can’t name a place that I wouldn’t travel to.

But, if I can’t have my camera with me, I don’t want to go.


Bobby and I are completely, and hopelessly in love. We laugh every chance we get. We are so happy that you've found us!

~Bobby and Kolleen~


Bobby and Kolleen Kintz, baltimore photographers pose for a selfie.