Frequently Asked Questions:


How many photographers work with Photos By Kintz? Two. Bobby and Kolleen are at every shoot. The husband and wife dream team. With the two of us shooting weddings, we can easily get coverage of the bride with her girls and the groom with his guys, without having to miss a thing. We can cover the bride's walk down the aisle from the groom's point of view and still get a full shot of the dress from behind. We can be anywhere we need to be in an instant, like ninja photographers!

Who does what? Bobby is the principal photographer, "THE EYE," with over 20 years of experience. When she doesn't have a camera in her hand, Kolleen manages the business: answers your emails, builds a Pinterest board with you, and is your go-to girl during photo shoots. She also will dance like an idiot until you and your baby laugh for the camera.

How long have you been doing this? We created our company in February 2012. Bobby started his first camera club at age 12 and began working professionally as a Los Angeles sports photographer in 2005.

How can we connect? Phone is a great option, 240.506.2904 and we're always available via email. (You'll be emailing with Kolleen. She does this typing and talking stuff; Bobby's the guy with the camera). Once we've spoken on the phone, we'd love to meet for a happy hour or cup of coffee. It's always nice to raise a glass/mug together and get to know each other.

Do you have packages? Yes. We have 4 wedding package options. You can add on coverage of fun events like the rehearsal dinner or after-party! Click here to see more about our packages.

Can you shoot our engagement photos? PLEASE! We include them in most of our packages. It is the best opportunity for us to get to know you as a couple and for you to get comfortable in front of our cameras. Being comfortable with the photographers is essential for great wedding photos. These shoots are fun! Hiking with the pup; at the vineyard; during a baseball game; enjoying city eats - you name it, we can shoot it!

How do I make sure you save my date? We'd love to reserve the date for your wedding, but our calendar fills up quickly, and the only way to be sure is to pay a retainer. Dates are issued first come first serve. Click to see our 2018/2019 availability

Do I need to feed you at our wedding? Yes, please! We'll be so thankful! An entire day of shooting takes a toll on the ole calorie output. You don't want to see Kolleen over-hungry, trust us. Bobby calls it going "in the red."

Do you pose us? Not quite. When you are posed, it shows. You're doing something you aren't naturally inclined to do, which is how you get awkward photos. Instead, we give you suggestions and, since we're a couple, we can show you (instead of just telling you) what we want. Ultimately it's up to you to let us know what you feel comfortable with, but we're here as a resource and to offer advice.

Where do you live? Will you travel to me? Bobby and I live in Baltimore, but also frequently work in DC and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia. 

We LOVE to travel. We are eager to travel for weddings and will cross the globe is you want us to. Our travel fees are very low, so please ask!

We have lots of family and friends and visit them frequently. When we're on the road, we're always accepting bookings. If you're in PA, VT, NYC, Western NY, or Ottawa and would like to book our services, let us know!

Do you have products? Do we ever! Gorgeous prints, stunning canvas prints, and custom designed fine art albums. You'll love the luxe quality. Your images never looked better!

Where do I get my prints? Print yourself. Or through us! Professional photography begs for professional printing. To invest in one, but not the other, is like getting half a product. We can't guarantee the print quality when using services like Shutterfly or bargain in-store printing. Our printing services are affordable and ensure top quality prints to cherish for a lifetime. You can order directly from your gallery. 

Do you do family portraits? Yes and we love them! Say goodbye to Sears portraits forever! Free yourself and have fun with your family. We'll take pictures of the magic. In these relaxed and informal settings, it's all about us capturing who you are as a family. Let's go somewhere fun together! Bring the pets if you want! Anything is on the table.

What should we wear? On family and engagement shoots comfort is key! It's best that you feel like yourself. For kiddos, have them wear shoes they can run around in. Also, here at Photos By Kintz, we encourage coordination and discourage matching. I think we've all seen the awkward family photos with white shirts on the boardwalk, right? We want to avoid that. Think of colors and patterns that compliment each other rather than all wearing the same shirt.

Do you do maternity/newborn/pet photos? Parties and events? Live performance coverage??? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Bring it on. We pride ourselves on offering all type of photographic services. Just ask, we'll be happy to provide portfolio examples for you. 

Why are there clowns on this website? Don't check your eyesight; it's true, we're clowns. For real. Kolleen studied physical theater and comedy at Dell'Arte International. We are volunteers with a non-profit organization called Clowns Without Borders, check them out! Much of our time is spent hanging out with our circus friends and fellow artists who devise original work. We take lots of pictures of the cool stuff they do.