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What To Wear At Your Engagement Shoot

March 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Getting engaged is a moment you will remember forever. Couples love sharing their proposal stories, retelling every detail and every feeling as he or she asked, "Will you marry me?" It goes without saying that your engagement photos ought to reflect your love and excitement, but how should you dress? Here is some friendly advice for what to wear during your engagement shoot.


Embrace "classic." Choose stylish and time-honored clothing to achieve the "classic look." Keep your photos timeless by avoiding atypical, short-term fashion trends that might risk making the photos look dated in few years. We recommend wearing clothes you love and feel like yourself in...your favorites are always best! 


Pick out 2 sets of clothing and change mid-way through your shoot. It looks great when you have one casual and one formal outfit. Change clothes as you change the background or backdrop. The change in clothes creates a different ambiance and provides more options for where and how you circulate your engagement photos. 


Wear complimentary outfits. A wardrobe that is well-put-together is accomplished with the intention to do so, and stays away from fashion mishaps. But when it comes to the engagement shoot, it's about more than being fashionable, because two of you are involved. Wear clothes that are stylistically similar to achieve the complimentary look. Wearing the same color shirt rarely looks good. Instead, wear colors and styles that compliment each other and are in the same palette. 


Match the setting or theme. If your engagement shoot is themed, such as photos at a sports stadium, it's good taste be clothed in the garb from your favorite team. Going for nautical? Wear your best crisp whites and navy blues. The lovely couple in the photo below are wearing colors that standout against the red and white background. Whatever your setting, dress to match.


Dress sharply from head to toe. Everything matters in a photo. Carefully consider the parts of your apparel you might not normally pay attention to, such as socks and shoes. When it comes to footwear, it's important to wear something you can walk around in throughout the photoshoot. You don't want to be thinking about your aching feet while trying to capture a romantic sunset kiss photo. But, if you can rock a heel like a champ, more power to you! 


Accessorize! This is solid advice for men and women. All the little details that come together to build the perfect outfit will also enrich your pictures. Think of this way, we can get extra creative with the shots if the accessories are available for featuring.


Glamorize the engagement ring. We've talked a lot clothes, but let's not forget about the hands. A his and hers manicure is a fun way to start the day before the shoot. For most couples the engagement begins with a ring and we love it when the ring shines amidst all the fashion. If you've opted for something less traditional, like a tattoo, we want to show that off too! 


Remember, be comfortable and be yourself. Clean clothes and a little forethought goes a long way towards dressing for success. Bobby and I want what's best for you and for you to be relaxed, and as always, to have a good time!


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