Photos By Kintz | Near and Dear at Nationals Stadium

Near and Dear at Nationals Stadium

February 01, 2018  •  1 Comment

Emily & Mike's Engagement | December 14th, 2017

Nationals Stadium & The Navy Yards | Washington, D.C.

As a sports fan who lives walking distance to Camden Yards, I can appreciate the value of location in the city. Emily & Mike however, could throw a baseball at Nationals Park, since they live just across the street!

Bobby and I meet this delightful couple on a very cold day in the off season and chat about sports and city livin' while we take some pics by the stadium. 

After a quick change of clothes we head to the Navy Yards to catch the golden hour by the D.C. waterfront. Again, what a wonderful spot to have close to home! 

The temperature is dipping, but these sweethearts keep each other warm while we take photos. Their looks at one another are so dear, it is almost keeping me warm....almost! I love how much Emily and Mike laugh when they are together. It's going to a wonderful wedding this spring.

Congratulations you two!!!



MaryAnn Atkinson(non-registered)
What a happy and loving couple that you have shared in these wonderful pictures. May they always keep these moments in their hearts.
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