Photos By Kintz | Springtime Sweetness for Two on Federal Hill

Springtime Sweetness for Two on Federal Hill

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Manuela & Matt's Wedding | April 21st, 2017

Federal Hill Park | Baltimore, MD

There is something wonderful about sharing the vows of marriage with only those closest to you. Bobby and I respect a couple who knows that this is a good choice for them, and we love getting to be the ones to document the magic of such an intimate and beautiful union. 

I think everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams, the wedding that represents who they are. I say this as a bride who excitedly did not wear shoes, jewelry, or a bra at our wedding. But, I did make sure we spent lots of time focusing on the food, music, and flowers. Details like making DIY lanterns and customizations to my mother's antique veil were far more important that traditions and fineries. But, I am one specific person. Your wedding should look like you. Close your eyes and picture the ideal environment. 

As I stood on top of Federal Hill Park, looking down on the city I loved and smelling the spring blossoms, I knew that these two had chosen well. Manuela's father would be officiating the union, and only immediate family members would be in attendance. We would get a few minutes for photos with the sweethearts, and then they head off to a celebratory dinner!

It is such a delight to spend 90 minutes witnessing two wide eyed lovers making the ultimate commitment in partnership. It takes courage, honesty, and trust. That rush of romance beats any movie you can watch.

Congratulations you two! May your road be filled with love and laughter.



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