11 Wedding Send-Off Ideas

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wedding sendoff with sparklers in black and white


Sharing a creative wedding send-off is a beautiful way to end your wedding day. Just like the ceremony and reception, the send-off requires coordination. We’ve shared some fun ways of saying goodbye and offer tips on planning. Make a lasting impact by choosing one of the following creative wedding exit ideas!


1. Bubbles

Bubbles top our list because they are readily available, relatively cheap, and are photogenic gold. Swirling colors pick up the natural light and add a layer of artistic beauty to the pictures. 

To Prep: Open the bubbles in advance to remove the paper-seal from each container. If you don’t wish to buy one bottle for every person who RSVP’s, then leave instructions for guests to grab one bottle per couple or family.  wedding send-off with bubbles


2. Favorite Song and Final Dance

Those who love to boogie down will appreciate the grand staging of a final dance and, possibly, the eruption of a group sing-a-long. We’ve seen it happen and once the couple starts singing aloud, it becomes infectious. 

To Prep: Hire a rock’n DJ and tell her everything she needs to know about the last song and dance. Share the information at the time of hire and check in with her on the day of, or ask your coordinator to remind the DJ of the exit plan.

wedding send-off with final dance/sing-a-long


3. Post-Wedding Bar Hop

Leave the wedding reception and keep the party going downtown. This idea works well when the venue is in an urban area or when the wedding party is traveling by party bus. 

To Prep: We always advocate for safety. Make sure that the wedding party and bus driver are versed in the plan, complete with the list of bars that will be toured, at the very beginning of the day. If possible, designate one person to keep track of everyone.


4. Epic Hike

The Epic Hike is typically done a day after the wedding. It pairs perfectly with a destination wedding because chances are, you’re in a gorgeous setting that deserves professional photography. So trade those heels for some sturdy boots and put your feet to the ground.

To Prep: Hire a super cool photographer who loves to be outdoors and loves to grab artistic images of nature as much as getting candid shots of couples in love. Scout the trail in advance.

Epic hike sendoff, with the married couple kissing before a waterfall


5. Tossing Flowers

Throwing flowers is a modern and eco-friendly riff on tossing rice, which many venues have banned. Use fresh or dried flowers. Add variety with herbs, such as lavender. Use fallen leaves during an autumn wedding.

To Prep: You can order pre-filled bags from numerous online outlets. The DIY crowd can harvest their items of choice and fill personalized grab bags for guests. We recommend using decorative containers to hold the grab bags, such as baskets or wooden crates. 


6. Sparklers

Sparklers create beautiful imagery and give wedding pictures a fairy-tale feel. However, it can be difficult (and dangerous) to coordinate the production and maximize their impact as an exit-boosting tool. 

To Prep: You’ll need several designated helpers. Gather the sparklers and set them up at a “Sparkler Station.” Leave instructions indicating the start time in a place where everyone will be sure to see it at the beginning of the reception. When the time comes, make sure the helpers are in position and ready to light the sparklers. Leave enough time to line up the guests and get the couple through the line before the sparklers burn out.

Sparker sendoff in black and white


7. Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are customizable and available for purchase in just about every color. Together, as everyone waves your wedding colors, the picture becomes a poetic composition. 

To Prep: Preparation is straightforward. Remind guests to keep their arms raised high so as not to poke the couple while they walk the path.


8. Balloons and Lanterns

Up, up, and away. The sky's the limit for newlyweds. Simple, yet powerful, we love how they add depth and beauty to photographs. Choose balloons or lanterns depending on the time of release--daylight or night sky.

To Prep: We recommend purchasing balloons and lanterns for delivery. Check your local event and party equipment rental companies to find out what is available in your area. You’ll need an ample outdoor space for the release. Also, get permission from the venue in advance.

wedding sendoff with lanterns


9. Mini-Tambourines

Miniature tambourines are a unique wedding send-off sure to be remembered by everyone. Mini-tambourines come in a broad range of prices and styles or can be handcrafted using cardboard, yarn, and small bells. White and traditional to flashing LED light up, there is a design for every wedding.

To Prep: Have the guests grab an instrument and line up. Ask the designated helper, wedding coordinator, or DJ to announce the couple so the jangle can begin.


10. Glow Sticks

Glow sticks come in many different varieties, shapes, and colors. They light up an evening or nighttime sky by adding exotic twinkles of color. We love that they are sturdy and easy to use.

To Prep: Order in bulk in advance to save money. Unwrap the sticks from their packaging and make them readily accessible to guests. They are easy to use, but we recommend providing the steps to activate the glow.

wedding send-off with glow sticks


11. Smoke Bombs

Who knew that you could “pop smoke” on your wedding day? Colored smoke billowing around a married couple creates vivid photos. However, consider how much you want your guests to be involved in the send-off. Smoke bombs may isolate the couple from the crowd because of the odor and messiness.

To Prep: Preparation and timing is everything. If you want to keep your wedding garb clean, a helper will need to ignite the bombs. Remind the helper to use gloves. Purchase lots of extra smoke bombs in case of "duds." Stage set-up in advance and keep the safety of your guests at the top of your mind.

While these eleven ideas are a great start to planning your wedding send-off, there's no shortage of fresh and fun ways to end the day on your way to a wonderful life together. Planning is key and assigning a helper can be a life saver. Good luck, and let us know if you need a photographer to capture all your special moments!






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