2016 in Unforgettable Photos

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Some years prove to be turning points in life more than others. When Bobby and I enjoyed the first days of January 2016, we imagined the year would be special, but couldn’t begin to know how exceptional 2016 was going to be.


We were fortunate to meet more remarkable couples who chose us to join them on their nuptials journey. We prepared for exotic travel. We blocked our calendars to include time to work with Clowns Without Borders USA, our favorite non-profit organization. We snuggled with our Dachshunds and checked our equipment.


2016 was on its way, and we were ready. We had the privilege of shooting lots of stunning weddings last year and had the pleasure of getting to know each marvelous couple. We kick off our 2016 unforgettable collection with a tiny sample of wedding snap-shots.


bride and groom embrace in a kiss, long veil floating in the air behind the bride; woodland surroundings. 2016 in photos bride and groom in the center of the crowd dancing, arms raised up, smiling and laughing. 2016 in photos sun is setting in the evening sky and fills the background with colors of blue, purple and red. Bride and groom and trees are dark silhouettes. 2016 in photos


My volunteer work took me to the Island of Lesvos in Greece, where I clowned with a small team of artists and shared joy with stranded, but hopeful refugees. We spent nearly two weeks in service to the refugees transitioning to Europe and the aid workers supporting them. The experience was moving, thrilling, and heart-breaking all at the same time. In spare moments when I wasn’t in my red nose, I had my camera close by for photos!


Kolleen in red nose and pink tule clown costume helps hold another clown in the air in front of refugee audience waiting to board the ferry, Lesvos, Greece. 2016 in photos. Mytilene bay, Lesvos, Greece. Smooth pebbles and a few large boulders line the shore of pristine blue water. Mountains across the bay. 2016 in photos. Greek man sits alone in the corner of a tiny cafe. Black and white photograph. 2016 in photos.


As Spring warmed and trees bloomed, we shot engagement photos under the sunshine. Engagement sessions are our favorite opportunity to get to know our clients before we document their big day. Getting to you better, and creating the space for you to become comfortable with us is key to capturing images of your big event, including those that happen in a split second, to create memories that are beyond compare.


Couple standing on the path with greenery, trees, and gardens behind them. She is is looking up at him, he is looking off down the path and smiling. 2016 in photos.


Our corporate work took us to the Northern Virginia Regional Parks where we had the thrill of hiking the trails, parks, and waterways to collect photos of the magnificent imagery, which is featured on the NOVA Parks website. Other business clients took us east to the shores of the Atlantic, where we captured photos for the Plymouth Yarn Company, who just celebrated their 50th year in business. We also loved getting to work with The Local Fry, a favorite for quick and delicious bites in Baltimore.  


Narrow bike path heads deep into the thick forest; trees and their limbs form a canopy over the path. 2016 in photos. Smiling brunette with up-do and light brown leather jacket wearing a multicolored Plymouth Yarn scarf. 2016 in photos.Plymouth Yarn


As performers, we absolutely love photographing live performances. A significant event of this past year was documenting Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe, an original piece created by our dear friends at Afro House. The show is extra special to us because I helped create this piece, working as a movement coach. Plus, our photo was shared by The Washington Post!  

Completely black background. In the foreground is the profile of an African American man face lit by one stage light. 2016 in photos.


Fall is a popular season for family portraits. It’s hard to top the cuteness factor of families who share their moments in front of our lenses, with children, pets, and even grandma and grandpa. We enjoy gathering with families in the candid fun that follows!


A couple with their two gray pit bulls sit in the lush green grass in front of a field stone barn. 2016 in photos.


As the year drew to a close, we took a dream vacation to Iceland. We spent two weeks traveling across the enchanting island, sometimes to places rarely touched by humans. Two of closest friends (and clients), Elana & Jenna, joined us for the adventure. Everything about Iceland filled our souls and we relished documenting the epic trip with our cameras.


Yellow and pink sky look down over a barren field dotted wth white goats. Iceland. 2016 in photos. A red-bottomed fishing boat sits in the low-tide bay. Iceland. 2016 in photos. Mountains, heather, and shore converge in this photograph of Iceland wilderness. 2016 in photos. Ice blue glaciers jut out of deep turquoise waters wth snow-covered mountains in the distance. Iceland. 2016 in photos. Geothermal steam rises out of the cracks of an orange-brown mountain of iceland. Far in the distance, four hikers walk the trail. 2016 in photos.


We found ourselves wonderfully busy this past year and decided to hire our first employee! We are so thrilled to have Tamara Palmer on our team and in our Photos By Kintz family. Our personal and professional lives are changing. On February 1st we will celebrate 5 years in business! We are happier than ever and love our occupation more than when we started, which we didn’t think possible! It feels like quite a milestone to look at where we are now, after 5 years of hard work and lots of love. Thank you, to all who worked with us in 2016! We look forward to a bright and beautiful 2017!


~ Bobby & Kolleen Kintz



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