Photos By Kintz | Ellie & David's Wedding at the Omni Shoreham Hotel

Ellie & David's Wedding at the Omni Shoreham Hotel

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Ellie & David | May 7th, 2016

Omni Shoreham Hotel | Washington, D.C.

From the moment Bobby and I met Ellie & David, we knew they were a pretty cool couple. We got together for a beer and came up with a fun plan to hit the Museum of Natural History for their engagement session. Wow, that was a blast. 

We quickly saw their uniqueness, and I greatly appreciated meeting a bride with a short asymmetrical haircut! They made it clear that they were not planning a traditional wedding. They wanted to get ready together, walk down the aisle together, and hit the dance floor early. I loved it!

When May 7th arrives, the heavy rain that had been pouring through the night before finally comes to an end and gives us gorgeous clouds and blue skies. Ellie and David are cool as cucumbers as they hangout in their suite, getting ready with their closest friends and family. These two have excellent style and look fabulous on the big day. Ellie isn't thrilled by all the extra attention, but she is gorgeous in her gown and David can't take his eyes off of her. 

Their ceremony has no shortage of laughs and is accompanied by a string quartet, so lovely. The bride and groom join the cocktail party to thunderous applause and Ellie rocks a gem-covered shoulder piece for the reception. Super cool! 

It's not long before the dance floor is hopping and the party is in full swing. I especially love the dance moves from Best Man, Taki. Ellie and David had not planned on doing a hora, but before long chairs are brought onto the dance floor and they are up in the air laughing. The bride and groom show us some of their best moves and even take a bow at the end of the night. Their fans go wild!

Congratulations Ellie & David!

Bobby and I had a blast celebrating with you. 

Story By: Kolleen Kintz

Photos By: Bobby & Kolleen Kintz




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