Photos By Kintz | Alex & Brad's Engagement in Georgetown

Alex & Brad's Engagement in Georgetown

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Young woman sits on a brick wall. She rests her hand in her fiancé's, who looks up at her. engagement photography

Alex & Brad's Engagement | May 31st, 2016

Georgetown Waterfront | Washington, D.C.

Bobby and I believe that play and romance are very close friends. Instead of forcing the romance at an engagement shoot, we encourage our couples to be themselves, talk to each other, and goof around. Only then, when people feel like they can relax, does the real magic happen.

Alex and Brad will be getting married on March 18th, 2017. We decide to meet them at the Georgetown Waterfront, close to where Brad proposed. The light is bursting through the leaves and making these two glow on this spring evening. Brad has no shortage of ideas for making Alex laugh, and she clearly is quite smitten with her goofball. I can personally attest that goofballs make excellent husbands. 

It is going to be a beautiful wedding. I can't wait! 

Young couple embraces each other on a walkway. There are trees and red flowers around them. engagement photography Young man smirks with happiness as his fiancé, wearing a blue dress, dotes on him. engagement photography Young couple is holding hands and smiling while underneath pillars with green vines dripping down. engagement photography Man in pink shirt leans in for a kiss from his laughing fiancé. engagement photography Beautiful young fiancés lean on a railing by the waterfront. A tree dips down behind them. engagement photography A couple faces each other smiling in front of a brick wall with a black door. She wears a blue dress, he wears a pink shirt. engagement photography Vertical shot of a couple lovingly facing each other in front of a brick building with a black door. engagement photography A young woman sits on her fiancé's lap and smiles, in front of a spraying fountain. engagement photography A young woman laughs with delight as her fiancé whispers in her ear. A young couple gaze out at the waterfront as they sit on the steps, with a bridge in the background. engagement photography A young woman in a blue dress gazes out at the water. Her fiancé is making silly faces behind her. engagement photography A young couple passionately embraces each other by the waterfront. She is wearing an engagement ring. A man in a pink shirt carries a young woman in a blue dress on his back. She is laughing. engagement photography A young man picks up a young woman in a blue dress, they are by the waterfront. engagement photography A couple stands by the waterfront, leaning on a black lamp post with pink flowers. engagement photography A couple stands holding hands and facing each other. They are by the waterfront and smiling lovingly. engagement photography Congratulations Alex & Brad! We can't wait to celebrate your marriage next spring!

Story by: Kolleen Kintz

Photos by: Bobby Kintz


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