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5 Reasons You Need to Click with Your Wedding Photographer!

September 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Bride wearing white dangle earrings whispers into the ear of the smiling groom. 5 reasons you need to click with your wedding photographer.

The number one comment I hear from guests at the weddings we photograph is, “I wish we’d met you sooner.” Whenever Bobby and I ask why, most people say something like, “Well, our photographer was nice, but we didn’t ‘click’ with him like you two do with the bride and groom. You’re like one of the family.”


It’s the best compliment in the world. Bobby and I are only two among many talented photographers you can hire for beautiful wedding photos. Finding a skilled professional who makes you feel at ease; who is kind and calm, and will be a reliable presence throughout your big day, is just as important.

Bride and groom sit together on one ornate chair; bride leans in for a kiss. 5 reasons you need to click with your photographer.


One of our associates had a less-than-stellar experience with her wedding photographer. Her photographer showed up with a basic 35mm camera and no additional equipment. At first, she followed the bride snapping a few random shots. When it was time for the ceremony, she and her photography were awkward, and at times, intrusive. Later as the day progressed, she exchanged the camera for the booze.


When I hear these horror stories, my heart aches. Weddings are momentous and deserve to be documented as such. Photos By Kintz loves being wedding photographers. From the first time Bobby and I photographed a wedding, we felt honored to join the journey of a wedding day with our clients.


It’s important to get to know you and build the trust that allows you to feel comfortable and be authentic in front of the camera. Bobby and I are a calm presence by your side. We arrive as professional documentarians and leave as friends. Our not-so-secret, secret, is we care, and we love what we do. It is how we give you stunning wedding photos. It’s that simple. The best things in life are.

Candid image of the young ring-bearer and flower girl dancing and laughing during reception. 5 reasons you need to click with your wedding photographer.


Top 5 Reasons You Need to Click with Your Photographer:

  1. You are going to spend a lot of time with your photographer; more time than you’ll spend with anyone else on your wedding day. It’s important you like them.

  2. Energies run high on a wedding day. So can stress and anxiety, but it doesn’t need to rule the day. Your photographer can be a calm energy by your side, so you can focus on having fun.

  3. The closer you are with your photographer, the more comfortable your family and friends will feel with them snapping great candid shots throughout the day.  

  4. You want a photographer that loves their job and is dedicated to capturing every moment of your wedding day. Not someone impatiently checking their watch throughout the day.

  5. Looking for gorgeous bridal portraits? Your photographer needs to form a bond with you to allow him to see you being yourself. When trust is formed, that’s when the photos go from good to enchanting.

At front of a long corridor, a serene-looking father tightly hugs his daughter, the bride. 5 reasons you need to click with your photographer. The wedding party laughs and cheers as the bride and groom steal a kiss during the photography session. 5 reasons why you need to click with your photographer.


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