Photos By Kintz | Ellie & David's Engagement at the National Museum of Natural History

Ellie & David's Engagement at the National Museum of Natural History

May 02, 2016  •  1 Comment

Ellie & David's Engagement| April 3rd, 2016

National Museum of Natural History | Washington, DC

Bobby and I recommend engagement sessions for every couple whose wedding we are going to photograph. Not everyone is interested in this tradition, but here's why we encourage it. Ultimately, an engagement session is a low-stress, super fun way for us to get to know our clients, and for them to get used to us taking their picture, before the big day.

Getting to know our clients is not an option, but a necessity. If someone has trusted us to photograph their wedding, we want to build a friendship with them. Then, and only then, can we give them a product that represents their unique personalities. 

With that in mind, I like to encourage our clients to think outside the box when it comes to engagement photos, i.e., let's go somewhere COOL!

Ellie and David love the Natural History Museum....I mean, who doesn't?! But for them, it is a special place, since it was the location of their first date. Perfect! So, we meet them in DC on a VERY chilly spring morning, and are eager to get inside the front doors when they open. We beat the crowds and enjoy some peaceful time with the whale and elephant before heading towards the National Mall. 

I love this couple. They march to the beat of their own drum, something I really admire, and they have great style. They like to play, which is great since Ellie has a fantastic laugh, and David loves to make her smile.  

I can't wait for the big day this weekend! Here's to the future Mr. and Mrs.

Congratulations you two!!!

Story by: Kolleen Kintz

Photos by: Bobby and Kolleen Kintz


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Nice shots. Love the choice of backgrounds and composition. Cheers.
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