Elana & Jenna

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Elana & Jenna l December 25, 2013

Fayston, Vermont

I have met few couples who exhibit such joy for life and love as these two lovely ladies. Fortunately, I have the pleasure of calling them my friends. Bobby and I met Elana three years ago and welcomed Jenna with open arms the following winter. Today, just before their 2 year anniversary, we take a walk in a winter wonderland to celebrate their engagement. In just 9 months, Bobby and I will be photographing their wedding!

This duo hails from Ottawa, Ontario. Elana is the artist, hilarious and free, hungry for adventure and full of LOVE. Jenna is the athlete, caring and calm, ready for anything and cute as a button! Their constant companion is their pup, Huey, a white boxer rescue, who has stolen all of our hearts.
















We start our day sipping coffee by the fire and celebrating the holiday.They give us a mini terrarium....an idea for centerpieces at their upcoming wedding. The wedding will be at The Herb Garden, described as "one of the most tranquil places in the Ontario area." Sounds perfect! Elana and Jenna love to travel and have some of their best times camping and road tripping.
















Elana opens her new wallet and finds a picture of Jenna inside. Too much!!! We all laugh at the littlest future roller derby star, covered in ruffles with comb-over locks. Bobby and I smile at each other, so happy to see our friends in love.

Time to suit up for a Christmas hike...such a romantic day, sun bouncing off of freshly fallen snow. Vermont is where Bobby and I were married, it feels right to spend this day here with "The Plaids," as we lovingly call them.

Huey is VERY excited to be off-leash and runs around like a madman playing fetch. We walk along the path, with the frozen river alongside us, and stop at little bridges for a kiss.

I remember the day Elana told me about meeting Jenna, I was in Vermont then too. The phone call was filled with songs of Jenna's praises, I'd never heard Elana sound so happy. When I asked about the future of this new pair, Elana replied, "Oh yeah, it's a done deal." I laughed and knew she was right.

It makes me very happy that we will be documenting two (hopefully more!) same-sex weddings this coming year. Bobby's brother and his partner Michael, will also be tying the knot, after 10 years. These unions are so sacred to me and it is a gift to photograph them.

Their tattoo rings are just one of many tattoos between the two. Recently they've added a fork and knife on the back of their forearms. Elana is the fork, Jenna is the knife. They've certainly played a hand in sharpening my palette for good food and wine. We practice every time we see each other.

















Our toes are feeling nippy and the fireplace is calling our name. As we head back to the house, I find myself marveling at the beauty all around us. Love has a way of slowing life down enough to see the world beneath our feet. What a wonderful world it is...

Elana and Jenna (and Huey), your future is a bright shining star. September13th will be a day to remember. We love you!
















Story by: Kolleen Kintz

Photos by: Bobby Kintz


Love is an amazing thing. My brother's love for photography makes each picture so special. Kolleen's love and passion for writing makes reading about this wonderful couple enjoyable. The love between Elana and Jenna is so special. Love makes everything better. So Happy for them.
Lea Bond(non-registered)
Bobby, you have captured amazing photos and have turned these moments into lasting memories for all of us.

Kolleen, you have told a story about our beautiful daughters (and Huey) with such meaning and I am so touched by your words.

Thank you both for your time and for sharing the love of our girls to the world.

Wishing you continued success and looking forward to seeing you in the fall or sooner.

Thanks again.
Thank you for capturing these stunning photos of two of my dearest and loveliest friends Jenna and Elana. I love these two so much and you've captured their energy and zest for live so well here. Your photos have brought happy tears to my eyes!
stephanie paradise(non-registered)
What fabulous and loving pictures of two wonderful human beings
I wish both happiness and wisdom to both Elana and Jenna
May their lives be full and rich with lots of laughter and good times
Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos you took of the girls during their visit with you and Kolleen. You captured their love and their passion for life! You are special friends and an excellent photographer! We are so excited for their wedding!
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