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Erin & Jon | June 19th, 2021

Overhills Mansion | Catonsville, MD

The Boots family is very dear to us. Erin's father and I have worked together for years, as two of Healthy Humor's Red Nose Docs, walking the floors at Johns Hopkins. Bill is a good friend and it's not a surprise that he and his lovely wife, Paula, would raise their daughter with a strong sense of humor, playfulness, and a little magic!

Erin & Jon live in Florida, not far from the Mouse himself. In fact, Erin works at both Walt Disney World and Universal! How cool is that? 

Bobby and I hit it off with Erin and Jon right away, when we met for breakfast in Baltimore. That not only seems like, but actually was, quite a long time ago. This couple, like so many others, rescheduled their wedding date more than once. I got to hear about the stresses of planning a wedding during this time first hand, from friends. It is a tough time in many ways. But in the end, in a rather storybook manner, the big day ended up on the bride's parents' 45th wedding anniversary. 

Bobby and I were so happy to document this special wedding, with many familiar faces in attendance! Shoutout to Erin & Jon and family for all their custom made decor. The DIY shadow boxes were such fun centerpieces, and an excellent gift for guests to take home! 


Congratulations Erin & Jon! Sending lots of love! 

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Green Mountain Bliss at the Round Barn Farm

Samantha & John | June 12th, 2021

The Inn at Round Barn Farm | Waitsfield, VT

I remember coming to visit Waitsfield from Maryland, as a little girl, and always admiring the Round Barn Farm when we drove up East Warren Road. Now, I live right down the road from this one of a kind venue, and on one fine June day, I had the pleasure of photographing my first wedding there.

Massachusetts residents, Samantha & John, share an affinity for the Round Barn, and chose to bring their friends and family to Vermont for a wedding extravaganza. How nice for guests to be able to stay at the Inn at Round Barn Farm all weekend long and enjoy the splendor of the Green Mountains. 

This wedding kicked off a very busy season at the Barn and we were so honored to be a part of it. The vendor staff here is top-notch, providing service with care and kindness. Kindness was a theme throughout the wedding day, from this delightful couple and their families. 

Bobby and I had so much fun getting to know Sam & John. These sweethearts share a deep love for one another. Their wedding day was all about enjoying the present moment. Even the cows were tuned in, barreling down to the fence after guests cheered for Sam & John's first kiss as husband and wife. 

What a blissful Vermont day. Congratulations you two!  

All our love!!! xo

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Hard Bods, Soft Hearts at Basin Harbor

Nomi & Harrison | June 6th, 2021

Basin Harbor | Vergennes, VT

Winter is going to be here before we know it, so first, let's steam things up with this super hot wedding blog. I say hot, not only because Nomi & Harrison are such fitness buffs, but also because this June day in Vermont was one of the hottest on record!

I guess the steamy romance and passionate love between this New Jersey couple and their families heated up New England for the weekend. All I know is that, sweaty or not, we enjoyed every moment of this knockout wedding at Basin Harbor.

This wedding venue offers spectacular waterfront views, personable staff, idyllic cabins and houses, gardens and pathways to explore. Not to mention, wide-open views on the nearby country road! We took advantage of every photo spot at Basin Harbor and couldn't get enough. 

Our sunset shoot was one of the most memorable for us, and extra special to get that time to connect with Nomi and Harrison. 

We partied until the wee hours with this crew, celebrating the gift of life, the beauty of family, and the power of love. 


Lots of love to you both, Nomi & Harrison, and the family!

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Swans, Sunset & a Sports Car at The Middleburg Barn

Ashley & John| April 18th, 2021

The Middleburg Barn, Middleburg, VA

I love the way that this work brings people into our lives. So often a wedding inquiry means we are hearing from someone we've already had the pleasure of meeting; maybe they were the fun guest who had us laughing at their cousin's wedding or in this case, the maid of honor, at their best friend's wedding. 

After getting to know Ashley at her BFF, Sarah's, wedding in 2017 we stayed in touch. Ashley's kind heart and thoughtful nature is infectious, and I knew it wouldn't be long before she was the bride in front of our cameras. Sure enough, John swept this lady off her feet and the rest is history. 

Just like so many others, Ashley & John carefully considered the best time to get married, and this day was a postponement of their original date. I'm so glad that we were able to gather and safely celebrate their love. 

Enjoy this collection of photos, some of our favorites. After all, it's not often that a wedding gives you swans, a sports car, and a perfect sunset. We were smitten, both with this delightful day of photography and with this unforgettable duo. 

Sending big love to you Ashley & John. 

Oh, and to Pixie too, of course! 

Big love to these special sweethearts!!! xo 

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Springtime & Sneakers at The Old Angler Inn

Clare & Sean | April 10th, 2021

The Old Angler Inn | Potomac, Maryland 

As we drove down to Maryland from the Green Mountains, I felt so excited to being kicking off the spring 2021 wedding season.

2020 brought the industry to a grinding halt, and it was very odd for Bobby and I to not be at these events, after nearly a decade of shooting weddings together.

That being said, the time away did us good. We return to this work with a fresh eye and a renewed love for our craft. 

It's great to be back, baby!!!

We feel that public health is of the utmost importance, but there's no denying that the restrictions of 2020 were challenging. 

How wonderful it felt to be celebrating this beautiful day with Clare & Sean! 

After a Catholic ceremony to seal their marriage at St. Frances de Chantal Church, these newlyweds laced up their spring green Converse and headed over to the historic Old Angler Inn, in Potomac, Maryland. 

The outdoor patio and abundant sunshine welcomed guests like a warm hug, something we've all been missing!

May we say a final farewell to masked weddings.

Congratualtions to the Newlyweds!!!

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Beautifully Blended Family at The Elkridge Furnace Inn

Natasha & Kasey | October 18th, 2020

The Elkridge Furnace Inn | Elkridge, Maryland 

Having a child has been the most transformative and rewarding experience in our lives, and in our marriage. When we get to work with couples who are parents at the time of their wedding, we know their relationship is already next level. 

Natasha and Kasey have two children, each. They both entered their relationship with two daughters, and have blended their family together so beautifully. When we met them and their children for engagement photos, it was lovely to see the kinship between the four girls; you'd never know they were not biological sisters.

I knew the wedding would be a very special day for the family to celebrate their official union to one another. 

Kasey & Natasha chose to move forward with their wedding, while navigating the many restrictions of the pandemic. They decided to have a mask/distancing-required event with a paired-down guest list. Elkridge Furnace Inn has beautiful outdoor grounds and a tent with an open side, making this much easier to accomplish safely. 

The event featured lovely purple tones, matching the gorgeous color in Natasha's hair and her engagement ring. This beautiful bride coordinated all the details and even learned how to sew, to make custom masks for her family. 

This wedding was full of emotion. Watching the girls gaze upon their mother's wedding dress, gather with their parents for the sand ceremony, and dance their hearts out at the reception, was so heart-warming. I can't wait until the next time we get to document a day in the life for this charming family. 

Congratulations to the whole family!!!

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"I Do" Part One of Two

Stephanie & Jason | August 29th, 2020

Rockfield Manor | Bel Air, Maryland

With many restrictions starting to lift, the pandemic wedding is, hopefully, soon to be a thing of the past. The summer looks to be bringing back concepts like, a packed dance floor?! Somebody pinch me! But first, let's take a look at one more couple who found a way to safely seal their love during the time of COVID. 

Stephanie & Jason's minimony and micro-reception at Rockfield Manor was STUNNING! They celebrated with close family members, and made plans for a larger event in 2021. 

A live stream of the ceremony, to include loved ones and guests that could not attend, is just one way that this challenging time has boosted the innovation and creativity of the wedding industry. 

I was so happy that we got to explore the beautiful grounds with our bride & groom, before the rain moved in. But again, facing adversity with a smile pays off. The umbrella rain photos we took with the newlyweds and their family were my favorite moments of the day!

Congratulations Stephanie & Jason! We can't wait for Part Two!

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Love Can't Wait Minimony at Trinity Episcopal

Jackie & Mike | August 1st, 2020

Trinity Episcopal Church & Country Club of Maryland | Baltimore, MD

"Love can't wait" is the mindset behind the minimony weddings of 2020. Like most wedding photographers, last year was filled with clients postponing events and trying to figure out how to move forward with planning. Some couples opted for a minimony - a mini version of your wedding hosted on the original date, with a larger, sequel wedding planned for a safer time. 

Jackie & Mike chose this route and planned a lovely wedding with only their very closest family members. 

I have found these intimate weddings to be so special. Without the rush of a large event, and countless guests to greet, the couple is tuned into nothing but the love they share for one another. 

On Jackie and Mike's wedding day, the focus was on their union, blessed with a sermon from their priest at Trinity Episcopal. Afterwards they headed to the Country Club of Maryland to bask in the sun before enjoying a private meal. Their adorable dog Jake was not to be cut from the guest list, Jackie's sister brought him to join in on the festivities. 

I can't wait for the sequel wedding this August!

Congratulations Jackie & Mike! 

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Friday the 13th at Belvedere Hotel

Jessica & Remi | March 13th. 2020

Belvedere Hotel | Baltimore, MD

Did you know that Friday the 13th is actually positive for romance and dating. It’s a fruitful day to connect with others and to embrace passions. 

Our bride, Jessica, was born on a Friday the 13th, and now this day marks the moment that she said, "I Do" to her love and fellow circus enthusiast, Remi. 

We met these two high-flying lovebirds many years ago, through connecting with the fabulous community at TSNY, the trapeze school in Washington, D.C.  

Looking back at this strikingly beautiful wedding day, I am filled with affection for the city of Baltimore. The Belvedere Hotel is home to the historic Owl Bar, the first place we ever visited in the city. How cool to take photos there with Remi and his crew!  

This was the last large wedding we photographed in the city before leaving due to the pandemic. So much has happened in the last 14 months, but our love for Baltimore will never change. I look forward to many more Charm City weddings in our future!

Wishing Jessica & Remi BIG LOVE. Thank you for your kindness and friendship, may your marriage be filled with adventure and laughter. 

Congratulations Remi & Jess! xo

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A Magical Mazel Tov at Adas Israel

Ariel & Jeremy | December 29th, 2019

Adas Israel | Washington, D.C.

I love Jewish weddings. The storytelling, the humor, the celebration of family and tradition. 

Ariel & Jeremy have a beautiful connection and their wedding was SO MUCH FUN! 

In these troubling times, how sacred it feels to look back on moments of joyous celebration. This was one of the largest weddings we've ever photographed. The dance floor was packed to the brim all night, and the rush of energy from the hora had me buzzing! How powerful to see a congregation and community come together to hold up this couple, literally.

Mazel Tov to the Happy Couple!!!

Vendor Love!

Adas Israel

Little Black Book

Palace Florists

Up Dos For I Dos

Abe's Transportation 


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Holiday Happiness at The Hay Adams

Julia & Brent | December 28th, 2019

The Hay Adams Hotel | Washington, D.C.

So much has happened during the last year, it seems hard to imagine it's only been 12 months since this holiday wedding. Today is the happy couple's anniversary! Congratulations Julia & Brent!

The Basilica of Saint Mary and The Hay Adams Hotel set the stage beautifully for this classy Christmas celebration. I will never forget stepping out onto the deck at the Hay Adams for portraits with our bride and groom. Wow! What a view!

As one of our last weddings before the start of the pandemic, it sure does put a smile on my face to see all the partying on the dance floor. This crowd let it rip!

Holiday weddings always make me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Lots of love to Julia & Brent!!!

Vendor List:

The Basilica of Saint Mary

The Hay Adams Hotel 

Audra Gannon Floral Design



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Songs of Love at the AVAM

Carolyn & Harrison | November 23rd, 2019

American Visionary Art Museum | Baltimore, MD

I was at a conference in Utah when I met Carolyn. We shared a couple beers in a hot tub after a long day and her sense of humor and calm demeanor were infectious. She and I stayed connected through the years via Facebook; her handle C-rolyn bringing a smile to my face whenever it popped up in my feed. How thrilling to hear from Carolyn one day with news that she and her fiancé Harrison (great name), were tying the knot at the AVAM!

The American Visionary Art Museum is one of my all-time favorite wedding venues and museums. It is so Baltimore, and I absolutely loved having this iconic spot so close to our former home. We have photographed many weddings at the AVAM and I know we will be back again one day. Until then, it makes me so happy to walk down memory lane with this one-of-kind wedding. 

Carolyn & Harrison are lovers of music and bursting with creativity. They didn't miss any opportunity to customize their event with DIY details. Family and friends sat at tables labeled with the happy couple's favorite musicians. Carolyn handmade souvenir magnets, which also stayed on theme. I loved their craft table idea, giving guests a chance to decorate a vinyl record to take home. In addition to karaoke throughout the night, a variety of board games were provided for extra fun at the tables. How nice to see a different take on a wedding reception ... everyone had a blast! 

Congratulations Carolyn & Harrison!!!

American Visionary Art Museum 

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A World Series Wedding in Washington DC

Anna & Eric | November 2nd, 2019

Ritz-Carlton Georgetown | Washington, D.C. 

On a warm fall day in 2019, which somehow feels like a long time ago, the Washington Nationals clenched the World Series. It was their1st World Series win. Die hard fans and season ticket holders, Anna & Eric, couldn't have been more thrilled about the victory, especially since it occurred just days before they said, "I Do." How special for this couple to get to celebrate with their entire city!

I remember the Nats parade playing in the background while Anna put on her dress the morning of the big day. As a baseball fan myself, I was loving this bride! We headed to the gorgeous Blagden Alley Rainbow Mural, not far from Eric & Anna's DC townhome, to meet her love. The anticipation was high as Anna waited nervously for Eric to appear. When she saw her groom show up in his red Nats hat, complete with rally towel and a bouquet of flowers, her joy was palpable. 

This couple seemed to enjoy every minute of their wedding day. A combination, I think, of their fun-loving and laid-back nature, and a well-planned event. We were thrilled to be part of an excellent vendor team. The Ritz Carlton in Georgetown brought classy, contemporary vibes and I loved the industrial feel with the elegant details. The reception was no frills and all fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much, including the photographers!

Congratulations Eric & Anna!!!

Vendor Team

Planning: Simply Breathe Events

Venue: Ritz-Carlton Georgetown 

Officiant: With This Ring I Thee Wedd

Cake: Buttercream Bakeshop 

DJ: Kelton Higgins 


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Raise Your Glass at McClintock Distilling

Kelly & Jonathan | October 12th, 2019

McClintock Distillery | Frederick, MD

Frederick, Maryland has evolved into quite the happening place to be, and yet its small town status remains in tact. This quaint locale set the stage perfectly for Kelly & Jon's fall wedding. The couple celebrated with friends and family while getting ready in neighboring historic homes, that had been converted into Airbnbs.

Kelly & Jon walked from the two homes, to meet at a romantic ivy wall and share their first look. After some tender moments, the wedding party piled into the party limo to head to Baker Park for some epic photo moments (our first time getting to play with smoke bombs!), before continuing on to the venue. 

McClintock Distilling is such a unique place to get married. I love the industrial feel, with the warm lighting; it's very striking. And, guests sure do have a good time sampling the award-winning, organic whiskeys, gins, and vodkas.

With the help of one of our favorite coordinators (and clients), Caitlin McGrew, Kelly & Jon had the venue decked out with such gorgeous and fun details. My personal favorite was the cootie catcher (remember those?!!!) with questions about the bride and groom; fabulous idea. 

What a picturesque wedding! The moody fall color palette, tasteful details, and this beautiful couple. Plus, smoke bombs!!!

Congratulations Kelly & Jon!

McClintock Distilling

Classic Occasions by Caitlin

PIGS Catering

Sweet Blossom

Savvy Treats

On the Town Limo

K&V Limo

Frederick Wine House 

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Riding in Style through Red Bank

Dana & Brad | September 28th, 2019

St. James Catholic Church & Molly Pitcher Inn | Red Bank, NJ

Long ago seem the days of carefree gatherings and packed dance floors. Looking at these wedding photos feels like looking back in time! It's true, I have spent too long away from our blog. After all, Dana & Brad have already celebrated their first anniversary! But now, when we all could use a smile, how special it is to look back at these treasured memories.

These two are some of the kindest folks you will meet. It's easy to feel the compassionate love they have for each other and the people in their life, which created such a warm atmosphere for the entire event. 

What a perfect day riding through Red Bank, New Jersey in a bright red trolley!

Love to Dana & Brad!!!

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Wild Romance at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Rhiannon & David | September 20th, 2019

The Maryland Zoo | Baltimore, MD

I've been heavy on praise for the "people of the north" lately, which is all well and good, but, let me say a thing or two about Baltimoreans. I love this city. It gets a really bad reputation, and I think anyone talking smack about B'more simply hasn't spent quality time here. Charm City has so much to offer, and constantly surprises me. 

But the best thing about Baltimore, is the people. The individuals who make Baltimore their home are some of the more interesting and charming folks you will meet. They are gritty and have great style. They like to have a good time. People here are authentic. 

When Rhi and Dave asked us to document their wedding at The Maryland Zoo, I was super excited. The wedding venue at the Baltimore zoo is stunningly gorgeous, and, I'd heard rumor about penguins joining cocktail hour ...?! How cool to get to be behind the scenes with the animals! Being a photographer has perks that really speak to my inner child. 

This couple is so lovely to be with. We felt as if we'd known them for a long while, despite not meeting until the big day. Rhiannon and Dave are warm and playful, and their laid-back nature is delightful. They wanted to have the most fun day ever, and I dare say that they did. 

This ceremony had everyone tearing up. Laughter and tears are very close to each other in the human heart, you know.
As I always say, the couple that plays together, stays together. I see great things for this duo and their wild love!

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!!!

P.S. One of the penguins at the wedding was named Olive!!! 

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Invincible Together at Bear Mountain Inn

Kiira & Gordon | September 14th, 2019

Bear Mountain Inn | Waterford, ME

Whenever I'm in New England, I feel more at peace. The clean air and mountain views make me feel alive. Whenever we document a wedding up north, I feel connected to the energy of our own wedding (Vermont, 2012). So, it seems that weddings in New England will always yield a fabulous photographic collaboration.

Bring on the New England clientele! We love you guys and want to meet even more of you. Let us tell your story. 

Kiira and Gordon are one of these lovely New England couples. They are planting roots near the fertile ground of the Northern Appalachian. We met these two through our epic Bryn Mawr bride connection: Asheleigh, Malorie, Julia, and Heidi! How special to now get to document Kiira and Gordon's union, at Bear Mountain Inn.

This venue is exceptional, and so are the owners and staff. We were welcomed from Baltimore with the warmest of greetings. The elegant barn, stone patio overlooking the lake, and path to the dock through the birch trees ....le sigh.

Such a peaceful place. 

Kiira & Gordon are a creative couple and spent copious amounts of time curating the details of this wedding. The hand folded cranes for each guest were a labor of love. Playful touches like the scrabble board were a fun way to tell their story. I also loved the star chart for their first date, engagement, and wedding day. 

I think my favorite moment of the day was how Gordon met Kiira halfway down the (very long) aisle, and they walked the rest of it side by side. That symbolism pretty much sums up marriage, in my opinion. 

The best part about destination weddings is when we get to spend time with the newlyweds the day-after, capturing epic moments in nature. I played their wedding song, "Together We're Invincible" by Muse, as they danced on the mountain top. Afterwards, Kiira took it up a notch by suggesting that they hop into the lake in their wedding clothes! They walked right into that water side by side. What a moment to capture. 

I love my job!

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!!!

5 month old Baby Olive making a guest appearance at the rehearsal dinner!

PS. the rehearsal dinner at Standard Gastropub, a converted gas station, was DELICIOUS!!!



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Vermont Vows at 5 Birds Farm

Sarah & Ben | September 7th, 2019

Five Birds Farm | Woodstock, VT

Anyone who knows us well, knows that we LOVE Vermont weddings. In my opinion, it is THE place to get married (in no way biased by the fact that Bobby & I were married in Vermont back in 2012, ha!). But seriously, for all the laid-back nature lovers out there ....go to Vermont! 

We fell in love with 5 Birds Farm, a stunning lavender and garlic farm in Woodstock, back at Jamie & Gabe's 2018 wedding. The views are matched only by the chill vibes and warm welcome from the staff. We were thrilled to hear that Sarah & Ben would be tying the knot overlooking the Green Mountains, and super excited that they wanted to use the historic Middle Bridge in Woodstock for portraits beforehand.

Sarah was the quintessential boho beauty as she walked down an aisle of vintage carpets to meet her groom. Carpet on grass? Yes please! I loved that personal touch. The barn at 5 Birds requires little to shine, but details like fresh cut flowers and stemware brought a simple elegance to the space. 

Good times were had by all in attendance at Sarah & Ben's wedding. Guests enjoyed the mountain air and kept the party going by the bonfire. Perfection! I can't wait for our next Vermont wedding. 

Congratulations Lovebirds!


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Art Lovers for the Win at AVAM

Nicholas & Stephanie | August 31st, 2019

American Visionary Art Museum | Baltimore, MD

A marriage is a sacred bond. But, a wedding is a chance to share your personal style. Have it wherever and however you like and wear whatever you damn well want to. Be you! Your guests will gladly embrace the authenticity of your event.

Nicholas and Stephanie are artists, arts advocates, and valued community members in Baltimore City. They are both musicians, among other things, and have incredibly good taste. Their choice to get married at the American Visionary Art Museum personifies both their love of the eccentric, and inclusive nature. 

I knew this wedding was gonna be a good one when Steph walked up to hug me wearing a white jumpsuit and leather belt. Yes! We made a quick stop at their alma mater before going to the AVAM. This stairway moment at the Peabody was such an exciting image to capture.

My favorite thing is when a couple will do the robot with us, give us FACE while posing with Divine, and laugh through most of their portraits, but then, blow us away at the ceremony. Nicholas and Stephanie share a true love for one another, and while they like to joke around, their wedding ceremony was heartfelt and deeply meaningful. 

Each aspect of the day was bolstered by the creative efforts of the bride and groom's lovely friends. Hand painted signs displayed the names of musicians, potters, and bakers ...all collaborating to make this magical event shine. This duo is loved by many, so the evening included several speeches, but left room for some kick-ass dancing. I feel like this was one of the more diverse weddings we shot in 2019, and I felt so at home with this fabulous group.

Truly, a reflection of the good people that Steph and Nicholas are. #winning

Congratulations you two!!!

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Love is the Key at Airlie

Jen & James | July 27th, 2019

Airlie, VA | Warrenton, VA

Some venues just have it all, and that is the case for Airlie in Warrenton, Virginia. It's sort of like a playground for photographers, with endless spots for epic portraits. So, play we shall!

Jen & James had a perfect summer day for their July wedding. These two are such a beautiful couple, and very sweet together, as we discovered during their engagement shoot. I love their story of meeting each other during Birthright, the heritage trip to Israel. Since then, their adventures have only continued, and their love has grown and grown. 

We have photographed the weddings of several of Jen & James's dear friends, including DJ Dan Bloom, who ALWAYS keeps it hopping on the dance floor. How fun to all be back together for another round! 

What a picturesque wedding!

Congratulations Jen & James!

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Forever Stacob at the American Visionary Art Museum

Stacey & Jacob | June 29th, 2019

American Visionary Art Museum | Baltimore, MD

After 7 years of being married to my BFF, I can confidently say that a strong friendship is key to a happy marriage. Stacey and Jacob, known to their friends as Stacob, epitomize this belief.

Watching these two celebrate their wedding day was delightful. The romance between them is strong, but it's easy to see that their relationship is built upon a mutual respect and admiration for one another, and lots of FUN. 

This wedding had it all: beauty and sophistication, strong family ties, DIY details, and my favorite hashtag of the year (#foreverstacob). But, the thing that stands out to me is the raucous good time had by all at the reception.

Luckily, the American Visionary Art Museum has ample space because this party could barely be contained. What a blast!!!!

Congratulations Stacey & Jacob!!!!

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Seven Blessings at Woodend Nature Sanctuary

Alyssa & Ari | June 23rd, 2019

Woodend Nature Sanctuary | Chevy Chase, MD

I love Jewish weddings! Tradition, family, and humor are cornerstone and there surely was no shortage of it at Alyssa & Ari's big day. Ari had Alyssa laughing the entire day. That, combined with the beauty of Woodend Nature Sanctuary made for photo gold!

It was really special to see the connection that these two have with their parents. Being new parents ourselves, we were pretty misty eyed during the heartfelt moments shared on this special day. 

I think this was my favorite hora to date. The look on Ari's face when they hoisted up the chairs...priceless. There is really nothing quite like the energy of this Jewish tradition. It was all I could do not to link arms and join in! 

Mazel Tov to the lovely couple! 

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Flowers in the Forest at Camp Puh'tok

Joanna & Bryan | May 18th, 2019

Puh'tok in the Pines | Monkton, MD

Getting married in the forest is just about the most romantic thing, in my opinion. The dappled light peeking through the trees, the sounds of birds hovering in the canopy...absolute bliss. Upon arriving at Joanna & Bryan's wedding at Puh'tok in the Pines, I immediately felt relaxed. What a magical place!

The setting couldn't have been more ideal for a couple of farmers. Joanna & Bryan own and operate Good Dog Farm outside of Baltimore. These sweethearts met each other through farming and fell in love with their hands in the dirt. They share a love of dogs and simple living, for both of which, I have a great deal of respect.  

Details like an original song performed by friends, home-cooked BBQ, and traditional square dancing made this such a memorable occasion. That and witnessing the union of two quiet humans who share a deep love for one another. 

What more could you ask for?

  Congratulations to the lovebirds! It was so special to be part of your big day. 

Special shout out to our buddy Elisa at Two Boots Farm. She designed the gorgeous flower arch for the ceremony and introduced us to Joanna. Yay for farm friends!

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Once Upon a Time at Gramercy Mansion

Amanda & Stephen | May 4th, 2019

Gramercy Mansion | Pikesville, MD

Gramercy Mansion set the stage perfectly for this dream wedding. We had the most glorious day and Amanda looked just like a princess. Maybe it was because we had become parents just weeks before, but the blossoms seemed more beautiful than ever on May 4th.

One of my favorite people to watch on a wedding day is the flower girl. As the preparation gets underway, they start looking at the bride with wide eyes. I can almost see the wheels turning in their head, "one day I could be a bride...."

Amanda & Steve's flower girl was living her BEST life, and I loved seeing her watch the fairytale unfold. 

Steve's reaction to seeing Amanda in her gown was priceless. He makes a very good Prince Charming, with his thoughtful and playful ways. I could see immediately that these two feel very at ease with one another, and that their love is true. 

Once upon a time, Amanda & Steve said "I Do"...


Congratulations Amanda & Steve! May you live happily ever after.

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And Baby Makes Three at Elkridge Furnace Inn

Trevor & Hannah | February 23rd, 2019

The Elkridge Furnace Inn | Elkridge, MD

Connecting with our clients is the best part of this job. We get an intimate glimpse into their lives and for a day, we get to walk beside them on their journey. 

Trevor and Hannah recently lost their mothers, as their relationship was just getting started. Rather than drifting apart, they helped each other through one of life's toughest times and that compassion sealed their bond in a very significant way. Their love is palpable.

On this most beautiful of wedding days, their family and friends held them up to celebrate not only their union, but the upcoming birth of Trevor and Hannah's baby girl. Photos of the mothers sit in the front row, a physical representation of what everyone feels, that these women are watching over it all. It was a beautiful ceremony. 

It makes me so happy to see Hannah walk into the reception wearing her mom's jacket, as family and friends cheer her on!

The newlyweds wow us all when they deliver an epic performance of "Time of My Life" for their first dance. Clearly, these two have a few dance lessons under their belts. 

I love watching them cut loose on the dance floor, especially mom-to-be, Hannah. On this wedding day, I was just 6 weeks away from becoming a mama myself. I felt so connected to his beautiful family. 

Their joyful spirits and love for one another shines bright! 

So happy for the three of you! Big hug. 

Vendor Love:

The Elkridge Furnace Inn and Garden House

Brushed Beauty LLC

Eden Floral Design

Watershed Entertainment 

Two Rivers Chamber Music

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Good Times & Warm Hearts at Main Street Ballroom

Brittany & Chad | November 30th, 2018

Main Street Ballroom | Ellicott City, MD

Spring is FINALLY here, and soon will begin another wedding season. But today, I'm fondly looking back at our final wedding of 2018, Brittany & Chad's big day at Main Street Ballroom. 

These two are such kind-hearted and playful people. I adore their laid-back nature. It allowed them to focus on what truly matters at a wedding: their love for each other and having fun with family & friends. Brittany is a nanny, a job that I had for years, in Los Angeles. This is one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs out there, and she seems to handle it like a pro. The little one she cares for was her ring bearer and I loved seeing their connection. 

Brittany and her family spent the early part of the day getting ready and decorating at Main Street Ballroom, along with help from their coordinator. It means so much when the beauty of a wedding day is put together by family, as a labor of love. Plus, Brittany gathered so many of the DIY details herself, creating a very customized look.  

This group loves to have fun. The laughter was plentiful throughout the entire day. I really appreciated the diversity of the wedding party and guests....yaaas for inclusion of all types of people! After a heartfelt ceremony and portrait session, this wedding was all about GOOD TIMES! From the photo booth to the cake smash to the dance floor, there was never a dull moment during the reception.

Cheers to the happy couple!

Congratulations you two!!!

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Lighting the Lantern of Love in Virginia

Heidi & Richard | November 17th, 2018

Holiday Inn Dulles | Sterling, VA

Up until 2015, I had never heard of Bryn Mawr College. For more than 130 years, this women's college has been setting the bar high for education and sisterhood. But, not until meeting our first Bryn Mawr bride, Asheleigh, did we get to learn about the ways of the Mawrters. 

Since Asheleigh & Tom said "I Do", we have photographed many more weddings for beautiful Bryn Mawr alumni, who are all dear friends. It was very exciting when Heidi asked us to document her big day, and we got to visit Bryn Mawr itself for her snowy engagement session. What a gorgeous place!

Fast forward 8 months and it's time for Heidi & Richard's wedding. The crisp November weather set a perfect backdrop for their first look in Old Town Alexandria. This is where these sweethearts got engaged, so it felt quite meaningful to come back here for photographs on the special day.

Loved ones smiled with adoration as these two tied the knot at a lovely church ceremony before heading off to Sterling for the reception. Here, the decor was all about literature and lanterns, two hallmarks of the Bryn Mawr experience. Of course, owls (the school mascot), played a big part too!

I loved seeing all the familiar faces on the dance floor, our brides and grooms (past, present, and future) as they celebrated the union of their beloved friend. Heidi & Richard exchanged sweet glances as they danced the night away and cherished their new status as husband and wife. 

At the end of the night, the Mawrters grabbed their lanterns to give the newlyweds a proper send-off: chanting the song they all carry in their heart, and lighting the path for happily ever after!

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!!!

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Playful and In Love at Landis Creek

Samantha & Kristopher | November 10th, 2018

Landis Creek | Royersford, PA

Our clients come into our lives in so many ways, and sometimes, they are already a part of our lives. That makes shooting their wedding extra special!

Samantha has an older sister named Jacque, who has been best friends with Bobby's sister for many, many years. Sammy and her family are wonderful people who are near and dear to us. In fact, we recently documented Samantha & Jacque's brother's wedding. How meaningful to photograph another union for this fabulous family!

I love Sam's playful nature. She is easy-going and so much is infectious! Wedding day prep was full of laughter and epic moments in sunglasses. I love a bride that gifts her bridesmaids monogrammed Columbia fleeces; badass! 

All jokes aside, Samantha looked radiantly beautiful when she walked down the aisle to marry her longtime love. Kris is a sweet and quiet guy, and it is clear that Sam's vibrancy lights him up inside. 

The PA weather might have been chilly on this November day, but hearts were filled with warmth. Speeches from the best man and matron of honor were memorable and tear-filled, especially Jacque's. Luckily, I've gotten good at taking photos while crying!

But, this wedding truly came to life when the lights turned down and the music turned up. The energy on the dance floor was incredible and this bride was all about a GOOD TIME! We danced right along with her and all the loved ones, including Bobby's sister and brother-in-law. How cool to have our family with us at this wedding!

Sam & Kris shared a hilarious cake smash moment...I love it when a couple just goes for it. Guests enjoyed late night soft pretzels (very Pennsylvania), and the DJ even played the Eagles fight song. 

This wedding was a blast. I'm so happy for Samantha & Kris! 

Congratulations Sammy & Kris!!!



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Yadav Me Crazy in Love at Linganore Winecellars

Kristi & Ashish | October 28th, 2018

Linganore Winecellars | Mount Airy, MD

Some wedding stories are so special you have to live them twice. Kristi & Ashish Yadav celebrated their wedding in India last spring. They became husband and wife in a lavish and colorful ceremony. But, the time for celebration was just getting started! In October, this sweet couple came together stateside for round #2 of wedded bliss.  

Linganore Winecellars is a fabulous venue. It's a great mix of beautiful scenery with rustic charm and laid-back vibes...perfect for this bride and groom! Kristi has a vibrant spirit and winning smile. She was grinning ear to ear the entire wedding day, maybe in part because she was wearing such comfortable shoes. Snaps for killer personal style!

I loved getting to see the close connection with her parents and sister, all of whom share her love for little Trixie, Kristi & Ashish's beloved pup. After a super sweet father-daughter first look and a photoshoot with Trixie in her wedding day best, it was time to tie the knot, again!

The fall weather might have been a bit chilly on this windy day, but you know what they say, cold hands, warm hearts! The touching ceremony left very few dry eyes amongst the crowd. And when people weren't focused on the sweet moments shared between this couple, they were focused on Trixie, stealing the show with her cuteness.

This may have been a Sunday wedding, but there was no shortage of party energy at the reception. Twinkle lights lit up the dance floor and it was packed. I LOVE a Bollywood dance party!