Birch Family Photos at Glen Echo Park

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The Birch Family | November 8th, 2015

Glen Echo Park | Bethesda, MD

Family photos have to be about fun. Most people have either directly or indirectly been a part of a nightmarish session at JcPenney's pit-stop portraits. You're lucky to get out in one piece, and even luckier to end up with a family photo that you love. 

We believe in something different. 

Kids need time to get used to new people, and they need to play and laugh if you're going to get them to pose for photos. We love letting them do their thing. It's those moments in between where you can really find the gold. Photographing kiddos is one of our favorite adventures!

Bobby and I love getting to spend a morning at Glen Echo Park with The Birch Family. Vanessa and Jeff are such wonderful parents. It's great to watch them watch their little ones. Rocco and Hazel are full of energy and are both such sweet kids. Their brother/sister hug in the leaves has to be my favorite part of the session! 

What a fun family! So happy to know you guys!

Story By: Kolleen Kintz

Photos By: Bobby Kintz


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